The Claims Assistance Program is the program that was established to receive and respond to questions from claimants and attorneys regarding the settlement options available to tort claimants (except for claimants participating in the Canadian or Australian settlements). It is part of the Settlement Facility offices, staffed by employees of that office, and is intended to provide assistance to all claimants about Settlement Facility procedures, eligibility guidelines, submission requirements (including documentation required), deficiencies, appeal procedures, and the status of a claimant's claim, processing requests to Dow Corning for individual acceptance of proof of manufacturer that have been classified as unacceptable by the Settlement Facility, and processing submissions to Dow Corning under the Individual Review Process for Rupture claims. The Claims Assistance Program cannot represent individual claimants and cannot provide legal advice or serve as an advocate for claimants. Annex A, Claims Resolution Procedures, at Section 7.01(e).

Claims assistance representatives can assist claimants in any of the following languages: English, German, French, Spanish, Portugese, Swedish, Korean and Dutch.

Claimants can contact the Claims Assistance Program by email directly at: or by calling their toll free phone number: 866-874-6099.

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