The following documents represent the various agreements reached between the Tort Claimants' Committee and Dow Corning Corporation in the Dow Corning Chapter 11 bankruptcy case. These documents were signed and became final on June 1, 2004, the Effective Date of the Plan, and are the controlling documents that describe the rights of claimants including tort claimants.

  • DCCEDNoticeJune2004.pdf - DCC, Effective Date Notice (DCC-ED NOTICE)
  • Litigation Facility Agreement - Final 05-24-2004
  • Plan_Final.5-26-04.pdf - Amended Joint Plan of Reorganization of Dow Corning Corporation -- This document summarizes the terms and classes of claimants in the Plan of Reorganization for Dow Corning Corporation.
  • FPA_5-26-04.pdf - Funding Payment Agreement -- This document details the obligations of Dow Corning to fund the Settlement Facility - Dow Corning Trust for claimants in classes 5 through 19.
  • Assignment_and_Security_Agm.pdf - Assignment and Security Agreement Between Dow Corning Corporation and the Depository Trust -- This document details the security agreement on insurance funds that are to be paid into the Settlement Facility - Dow Corning Trust.
  • DTA_Final_5-28-04.pdf - Depository Trust Agreement -- This document establishes the trust account to hold and receive funds received pursuant to the Funding Payment Agreement and will disburse payments to claimants pursuant to the terms of the Settlement Facility Agreement and Annex A (described below).
  • Settlement_Facility_Agmt.pdf - Settlement Facility and Fund Distribution Agreement -- This document describes the overall structure and financial management for the Settlement Facility - Dow Corning Trust and generally summarizes the settlement options and payment processes for tort claimants (except for Canadian claimants in Classes 6A, 6B and 6C).
  • Annex_A_to_SFA_Final.5-26-.pdf - Annex A to the Settlement Facility Agreement, Claims Resolution Procedures -- This document describes in detail the settlement options for tort claimants and lists the specific criteria needed to qualify for compensation. It also contains detailed product identification protocols and medical criteria and symptoms.
  • Annex_B_to_SFA.pdf
  • 1999, November 30 Order Confirming Amended Joint Plan of Reorganization as Modified
  • Case Management Order #1 - This Order of the United States District Court describes the actions that must be taken by persons who opt-out of the Settlement Option to pursue a lawsuit in court.

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