Claimants' Advisory Committee -- Pursuant to the Settlement Facility Agreement at Section 4.09, a Claimants' Advisory Committee was appointed to advise and assist the Settlement Facility, Claims Administrator, Finance Committee, Litigation Facility, Financial Advisor and Independent Assessor on all matters of mutual concern. The Claimants' Advisory Committee consists of the following persons:

Sybil Niden Goldrich of California, a former breast implant claimant and consumer advocate who has been active in breast implant issues for almost 20 years. She served as a member of the Tort Claimants' Committee (specifically on the negotiating team), and is Chair of the Common Benefit Fund in the MDL 926 breast implant proceeding in Birmingham, Alabama.

Ernest Hornsby of Dothan, Alabama, is a trial attorney who has successfully represented breast implant claimants for almost 20 years including one of the first verdicts against a breast implant manufacturer (the Toole case against Heyer Schulte/Baxter) and against Dow Chemical (the Mahlum case in Reno, Nevada). Mr. Hornsby was a lead attorney in the discovery and trial efforts in the MDL 926 breast implant litigation, was appointed class counsel in the Inamed (McGhan) limited fund settlement, and has been actively involved in the Dow Corning bankruptcy case. He is a partner with the law firm of Farmer, Price, Hornsby & Weatherford LLP in his hometown of Dothan, Alabama where he represents personal injury claimants.

Dianna Pendleton-Dominguez of St. Marys, Ohio, is a trial attorney who has successfully represented breast implant claimants for over 15 years. Ms. Pendleton-Dominguez headed up the MDL 926 breast implant discovery offices and Claims Assistance Program in Cincinnati, Ohio as part of the original global implant settlement and the Revised Settlement Program, is class counsel in the Inamed breast implant settlement, and served as Special Tort Counsel to the Tort Claimants' Committee in the Dow Corning bankruptcy case. She is now in solo practice in her hometown of St. Marys, Ohio and continues to represent individual claimants in the Settlement Facility.

All inquiries to the Claimants' Advisory Committee should be directed to the following email address: or to the post office box listed below:

Claimants' Advisory Committee
P.O. Box 665
St. Marys, Ohio 45885

Foreign Claimant Liaison Counsel to the CAC -- The Claimants' Advisory Committee is happy to announce that Melissa R. Ferrari, Esq. of Glashuetten, Germany has been named as the Foreign Claimant Liaison Counsel to assist the CAC with issues involving non-U.S. claimants. Ms. Ferrari is a Registered Nurse and Attorney who has represented non-U.S. breast implant recipients in U.S. proceeding for more than 8 years. She is licensed in the state of Florida and is fluent in English and German.

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